Celebrity Yacht Owners

Ever wondered which celebrities own a Super Yacht?
You may think that a lot of them since you always see pictures of various celebrities on yachts, but mostly they are only chartered or borrowed from their rich friends. So let’s see who owns what, from actors, sportsman to former dictators.

1. Tiger Woods –  MY "Privacy" - Christensen 47 m (155 feet)
Given the crazy level of media hype regarding famous pro golfer Tiger Wood’s private life, of late, it is perhaps very lucky that the brilliant golfer owns a luxury motor yacht named PRIVACY. The yacht is a wonderful Christensen built superyacht where he can get away and enjoy the ultimate privacy onboard and hopefully an improved lifestyle.

2. Steven Spielberg  - MY "Seven Seas" – Oceanco 86 m (282 feet)
The 282-feet monstrosity was built by Dutch shipyard Oceanco and designed by Nuvolari Lenard Design and supposedly costs about 150€ million. It was modeled to Spielberg's specifications - which include an interior design scheme of walnut, teak and rosewood, as well as an infinity pool with a 15 ft. glass wall that can also be converted to a cinema screen.

3. Johnny Depp – MY "Vajoliroja" – Proteksan Turquoise 47 m (156 feet)
Johnny Depp the "Pirate of the Carribean" actually owns a luxury motor yacht.  It was built by Proteksan Turquoise and was built in Turkey in 2001 and is a large modern classic luxury superyacht 47m (156ft)  long.
Depp named the yacht "Vajoliroja", a combination of the first letters of the names of each member in his family "VA", for his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, "JO", for himself, "LIRO", for his 10-year-old daughter Lily Rose and "JA", for his 8-year-old son, Jack.
If you want to experience what Johnny Depp does, now is the opportunity since he rents out his boat. If you've Got an Extra 90,000€ Per Week of course!

4. Bono – MY "Cyan" – Codecasa 49 m (160 feet)
Bono, a 51 year old famous rock singer of superband U2, one of the world’s best-known humanitarians and leading charity activists, is understood to have bought the superyacht Cyan in 2008. The luxury motor yacht was built by the respected Codecasa firm from central Italy.


But the most parties, celebrities and models gather on the yachts of famous fashion designers like Dolce and Gabbana - mainly men:), Roberto Cavalli and Giorgo Armani.

5. Roberto Cavallis - MY “RC” - Baglietto 41m (134feet) stands out in any marina as it is painted iridescent purple, green and gold.

6. Georgio Armani - The MY "Main" - Codecasa 65m (210 feet) owned by Georgio Armani is well known for its various foto shoots for fashion magazines which were taken on this Beautiful Black Codecasa yacht.

7. D&G - MY "Regina D’Italia" - Codecasa 51m (170 feet) the owners Dolce and Gabbana know how to use it for various fun activities as sliding into the water and other as seen on the picture.


Now lets see which former Statesman owned a Super Yacht to showcase their power!

8. Josip Broz Tito – MY "Galeb" – 112 m (370 feet)
MY Galeb was used by the late President of the Yugoslav Republic Marshal Josip Broz Tito on his numerous foreign trips. He welcomed on the yacht many heads of state, as well as other persons of worldwide renown. During its lifetime (1952 - 1980) under Tito  MY "Galeb" made more than 86 thousend  nautical miles (159.387 km) and more than 100 world statesmen stayed on it.

On 22 May 2009, the ship was sold to the city of Rijeka for $150.000. The City of Rijeka plans to use the ship as a museum.

9. Saddam Hussein – MY “Al Mansur” – 85 m (280 feet)
Sadam received "Al Mansur" as a present from the Saudis for fighting Iran in one of the bitterest and most destructive conflicts since the Second World War. On the Yacht there was apparently also a secret passage leading to a mini-submarine escape pod, which is the sort of luxury that never dates.

As it turned out, the multi million euros yacht was bombed 16 times in coalition air strikes and in the end also sank as you can see on the pictures.


And even if you are not a celebrity, owning the biggest boat makes you one.

10. Roman Abramovic - MY “Eclipse” - Blohm + Voss 163 m (536 feet)
The above stated refers to the biggest private yacht in the world who’s owner is well known Russian billionaire, owner of Football club Chelsea, Roman Abramovic. The Eclipse was launched 2010 by Blohm + Voss and is a staggering 163,5 meters long (536 feet).

So tell us now, who had or has the best style and taste or just too much money to spend.


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