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Top 7: Deepest parts of the Sea

This is part 2 in our ongoing Top 7 series. In part 1 you could read about the Worlds Largest Sailing Yachts.

Approximately 71% of the Earth's surface is covered by ocean, a continuous body of water that is divided into several principal oceans and smaller seas. More than half of this are is over 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) deep. So let us look at Top 7 deepest parts of the ocean. 

Rank 1: Mariana Trench, depth 11.030 meters (36.187 feet)


When it comes to the most deepest points in the ocean then the 1st rank goes to the Mariana Trench. It reaches a maximum-known depth of about 11.030 meters and is located in the western Pacific Ocean, to the east of the Mariana Islands. The trench is about 2,550 kilometers long but has a mean width of only 69 kilometers.

If Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth, was set in the deepest part of the Mariana Trench, there would be 2,060 meters of water left above it!

The Mariana Trench was first pinpointed and surveyed in 1951 by the  British Survey ship Challenger II., which gave its name for the trench's deepest point, "The Challenger Deep".

Rank 2: The Tonga Trench, depth 10.882 meters (35.702 feet)

Close behind the deepest trench lies Tonga Trench which lies about 10,882 m below sea level and  is located in the South Pacific Ocean , known as the Horizon Deep.

The Tonga Trench runs between the North Island of New Zealand and the island of Tonga. It is a subduction zone, where the Pacific Plate is converging with the Australian Plate. Closure rates of 24 cm per year have been measured - the fastest plate motion yet recorded. The older oceanic crust of the Pacific Plate is sinking below the more buoyant, young oceanic crust of the Australian Plate.

Together with Fiji and Samoa, the 36 inhabited islands of Tonga are the cradle of the Polynesian seafaring culture, which had stretched across the South Pacific by the 12th century.

Rank 3: The Kuril–Kamchatka Trench, depth 10,542 meters (34.587 feet)

It extends from a triple junction with the Ulakhan Fault and the Aleutian Trench to the north, to the Japan Trench to the south.

Kuril Trench is an oceanic trench with a maximum depth of 10,542 meters. 

Rank 4: The Philippines Trench, depth 10,540 meters (34.580 feet)

Until 1970 the Philippine Trench was regarded as the deepest point of the earth. 

Known also: Philippine Deep or Mindanao Deep. 10,540 meters depth were measured in its deepest point called the Galathea Depth and it stretches with a length of approximately 1,320 km. For comparison - the Pacific Ocean reaches otherwise only an average-depth of round about 4,190 meters. 

Rank 5: The Kermadec Trench, depth 10,047 meters (32.962 feet)

It runs for about a thousand kilometers before finally joining with the Louisville Seamount chain and  is specially noted by its very abrupt slope.

Rank 6: Puerto Rico Trench, depth 8,800 m (28.871 feet)

With a maximum depth of 8,800 m is called Milwaukee Deep, which is the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean and the deepest point not in the Pacific Ocean. 

This trench has been responsible for many tragic tsunami and earth quake activities of this region.

Perspective view of the sea floor of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The Lesser Antilles are on the lower left side of the view and Florida is on the upper right. The purple sea floor at the center of the view is the Puerto Rico trench, the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Rank 7: South Sandwich Trench, depth 8,428 meters (27.650 feet)

The trench is 965 km long and has a maximum depth of 8,428 metres below sea level. The deepest location is called Meteor Deep.

The South Sandwich Trench is a deep trench in the South Atlantic Ocean lying 100 km to the east of the South Sandwich Islands. The trench is produced by the subduction  of the South American Plate beneath the small South Sandwich Plate with its volcanic island arc which results from this active subduction. Mount Belinda on Montagu Island is an active volcano.

We have more Top 7 posts ready for you, so stay tuned!

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Top 7: Largest sailing yachts

Rank 1: Sea Cloud, lenght 109,5m (360 feet)

Sea Cloud is a 109.50m (359.25feet) sail yacht built by Krupp Germaniawerft and launched in 1931. This luxury vessel's sophisticated exterior design and engineering are the work of Cox & Stevens. Her exterior is styled by the in-house Cox & Stevens team who are also responsible for the entire engineering package. She was last refitted in 1978.

Rank 2: Eos, lenght 92,92m (305 feet)

At an astounding 92.9 meters (305 feet), Eos  rivals even some of the more notable motoryachts around. Eos was delivered in 2006 and is a three-masted, Bermuda-rigged schooner. Her owner is widely reported to be Barry Diller, the media entrepreneur.

Rank 3: Athena, lenght 90m (295 feet)

Another three-masted schooner, this lady launched from Royal Huisman in 2004. She may be third on this list, but she’s the largest all-aluminum sailing yacht in the world. Athena comes in at 90 meters (295 feet), and each of her three masts rises 58.8 meters (193 feet). Athena was commissioned by Jim Clark, known for founding Netscape.

Rank 4: Maltese Falcon, lenght 88,12m (289 feet)

Maltese Falcon. Impossible to miss on the horizon due to her DynaRig design, called the Falcon Rig, Maltese Falcon was built by Perini Navi in 2006. She’s 88 meters (289 feet) of modern technology, with the masts’ rotation and sails’ operation all controlled via push buttons that are incredibly intuitive and simple to use.

Rank 5: Stad Amsterdam, lenght 76,20m (250 feet)

Stad Amsterdam is a 76.2m (250 feet) sailing yacht built by Damen and launched in 2000 and refitted in 2009 to put her in excellent condition.

Rank 6: Mirabella V, lenght 75,22m (247 feet)

The year 2004 saw this 75.22-meter (247-foot) sailing yacht officially delivered, making history as the largest single-masted sailing yacht. It rises 88.5 meters (292 feet). Her owner is Joseph Vittoria, the former chairman and CEO of Avis.

Rank 7: Phocea, lenght 75,15m (246 feet) 

Dating back to 1976, Phocea was conceived as a racing yacht, built at Toulon Naval Dockyard. She was soon converted into a charter yacht. Coming in at 75.1 meters (246 feet), Phocea was acquired for private use in the late 1990s by Mouna Ayoub, a Lebanese business woman alternately referred to as a socialite and a super-shopper, with a huge haute couture collection.

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Volvo Ocean Race 2011/12 - It may take over your life

We could tell you ... it's the toughest race on the planet ... 24 hours night and day..across 39.000 miles, 4 Oceans and 10 countries ... on the most advanced race machines in history ... coming soon 



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