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Yacht Charter 2.0 - Animation

We are presenting to you our new fresh and delicious »How It Works« animation. Why did we decide to make an animation?

1. To explain to the users in two minutes what benefits they gain if they charter the boat with SailCeption.
2. To stand out from other Yacht charter sites.

That’s why we decided to team up with Hercogmartini design studio and a young aspiring director: Urša Menart – this is here movie. Together we produced this awesome animation. Check it out.

So many will be wondering who that British, enthusiastic, yet tempting voiceover is on the video.
The gentleman in question is in fact a great Slovenian comedian, writer, actor and composer Jure Godler. Follow him @juregodler or check his projects on http://www.juregodler.com/

at the studio while recording the voiceover

Thank you guys for this wonderful collaboration. We will feel extremely accomplished if this video helps just one more person understand what SailCeption is all about.
If you like the idea of SailCeption or just like the animation.
Watch it,
Like it,
Share it,
Book it. - one of our boats of course!
Ps. You know what they say: Sharing is caring!


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The beta site has now launched!!!

At sailCeption we have a small, growing, dedicated team that has been working wonderfully well to put the site and service together. We had a fantastic pre-launch campaign, but after all the hype we had to start even if not completely finished.

Now the main website has changed from a coming soon page to the powerful search engine. Check it out at www.sailception.com. Where you can book your dream vacation on a boat right away.

For those of you that are still wondering what exactly sailCeption can offer…just keep on reading!

We saw a problem which we wanted to solve: Allow boats to be cheaper for you by giving boat owners the possibility to reduce their prices without actual losing their revenue.

Our aim was to change the perCeption of the way we book online. In our eyes booking a boat on the internet is out dated and doesn’t take advantage of the things we can do nowadays. Click and Book is great, but that doesn’t give you, the consumer, the power to influence the price.
For this reason, here at SailCeption we have set out to take a new approach to booking online. Hoping to create a platform that can really empower us, the consumer, to bring down the costs of our vacations. Our sole target is to be able to provide online bookers with a platform that will enable them to seek out the best possible price on a boat they wish to book in real time. We are not saying that it will lower the price every single time, but we can certainly guarantee that it has the power to be the most beneficial tool to any online booker.

Now our platform enables the boat owners to lower their prices in real time to make a sale. They don't depend any more on the prices the Charter Agencies set for the whole Charter industry which benefits only them and not to the owners nor consumers. This is what sailCeption can bring; consumer empowerment, and the benefits of this can be vast.

So together, let’s change and Ceptionize it.

If you want to know even more about our Ceptionized project check out our “How It Works” movie. For now only with screen caps but an amazing animation is on the way, designed by a lovely design studio called HERCOGMARTINI.

For those that are yet to join and require more convincing I say this:
It’s easy, fresh, hassle free and will change your perception of online booking forever.

And as we speak we are at the very start of the “Ceptionize it” process.

Here’s to a fun Ceptionized future!

ps. And dont forget - the summer is not over yet. So book your boat using sailception.com and get the best Ceptionized prices on the market.


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JUN 17

10 reasons to sail

We just launched our yacht charter page that you have all been waiting for. But since today is Monday and the weekend is far away we wanted to post something that will make you want to go sailing tomorrow. Book your boat today at SailCeption.

So here I am presenting you a really nice video of our sailing trip in September 2007. It was made for internal use only but once you upload it on YouTube anything can happen. And it did. With the rise of Facebook pages, blogs, other social media networks and with the catchy name the video became sort of “viral”. A viral video is one that becomes popular through online sharing. Humor is often a characteristic of the videos, but not a defining on. It is also good if it includes pats, babies, surprising talents and other. This video however does not include babies nor pats but I guess I forgot to mention the other important cause for a video to “go viral” – girls! It’s a well-known fact that sex sells and it is really interesting to see that part one of the movie recorded 7000 views, on the other hand the second part recorded almost 200.000 clicks. And I think that we all know why.

Lets hit the 200.000 mark! Do you recognize any of the sailors?

Part 1

 Part 2

And don't forget to charter your boat for your summer vacations on sailCeption.com!

Video was made by our friend Mafalda Rebelo. Thank you for the nice memories!

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